Implementing new ideas, using open technologies, and contributing to computer magazines and university journals in our spare time

What distinguishes Norak Technologies Ltd from the rest is that we are a team of developers and managers who are highly trained computer enthusiasts with hard-core technical backgrounds. By constantly absorbing new ideas, utilizing open technologies and actively participating in the IT and software communities, we upgrade systems fast, easily integrate new ones, and lay your company’s foundation to accommodate future technology as it emerges.

Our software development project managers travel to cities, meeting with you and your staff to analyze every aspect of your software and IT requirements. Once developed and implemented, the project managers train your staff on the best practices to keep the software fully operational and functioning. Our managers are just as knowledgeable on software technology as our engineers are and can answer and troubleshoot issues on-site just as well as our developers on the back end can.


Need a JAVA, .NET, Mobile app or Web development Expert?

Many of our developers are Microsoft Certified and Sun Qualified. We specialize in all areas of .NET and JAVA development, including J2EE because J2EE is a powerful and flexible platform with a strong international presence. JAVA is as equally suitable for simple tasks like online inquiries as it is for high performance Internet or intranet portals, distributed systems and cloud applications.

JAVA’s learning curve is longer so it isn’t easy to find real talent in this technology, but we have plenty. In fact, you probably couldn’t find better JAVA experts in a coffee shop line. Norak Technologies Ltd is your Java development company. We know JAVA inside and out at every level of the planning and programming stages. We deliver solutions that you, your staff, and customers can depend on for reliability and user-friendliness.

Developing with the .NET framework, Norak Technologies Ltd delivers critical business applications that work on multiple platforms via web UIs. Our .NET developers will get your application up and running quicker with a user-friendly experience and reliable, secure communication.

For smartphones or tablets, Norak Technologies Ltd develops mobile apps that combine innovation and common sense. Our mobile app developers listen to your goals then create extraordinary apps that are indispensable or just plain fun and addictive—practically anything you want an app to be or do, we can make it happen on Feature phone, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iOS and Android platforms.

Our Web developers can handle your most basic projects, as well as advanced ones for the Internet or your intranet. We partner with large and small business for client- and server-side scripting on a variety of systems and solutions. It involves rich web UIs, complex server-side business logic like distributed computing and everything in between.

Fully documented, clean software code lets you take it from here

Norak Technologies Ltd produces clean and well-designed code using leading-edge techniques such as patterns and advanced frameworks. Every custom software development project comes with a continually updated technical design document so that your own development team (or other agency) can take over and maintain functionality smoothly and easily with no hiccups.

Norak Technologies Ltd software engineers offers the perfect partnership

We’re there when you need us at a moment’s notice. We don’t hang around longer than we should. And the relationship is based on your terms and conditions. What more could you want from a partner?