Norak Law office management software is designed to manage a law firms' cases and client records, billing and book keeping, schedules and appointments, deadlines, computer files and to facilitate any compliance requirements such as with document retention policies, courts' electronic filing systems and the Solicitors' Accounts Rules as defined by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Why Choose Us?

Because law schools do not generally teach new attorneys the business skills to run a law office, many offices have turned to technology to ease the learning curve and reduce clerical errors. The American Bar Association (ABA) has found that calendar and deadline related mistakes account for most legal malpractice claims. Therefore, an initial investment in software tools can yield long term savings in defending against such claims.

The main purpose of this management software is to allow a law firm to run more smoothly. Norak law practice Management Software, used properly, improves efficiency, provides for conflict checking, and enables a law office to not have to search for the physical file each time a client calls with questions, thereby helping to reduce the need for callbacks since the client can get answers on an as needed basis at the time of their inquiry.



Court Dockets

Our software not only helps you with your finances, it also helps organize your day. In one easy step, you can enter court resets, and have all of your dockets, calendars, reports and views updated-immediately! You no longer have to cross-reference individual programs to follow your cases. Your Court Docket prints with the client’s picture, payment information, case information and even their phone numbers.

Alarms and Alerts

We have created an easy way to remind yourself of important dates and information. You can set alarms per user to show up on individual home pages and alerts to show up in the client’s file. You can also assign the alarms so that your assistant has her own set of reminders and you have yours.


Client Communication

Our software reduces the number of phone calls you get on a daily basis. Using our word processor you can generate pre-filled letters in seconds to one or all of your clients. You no longer have to cut and paste from one document to the next, we fill it in for you. You can also send and document emails from Norak law office management Software. Everything you do logs a note in the client’s file. You can also make notes of important conversations, set alerts and alarms, and take phone messages, all of which help you know exactly what is happening in each file and helps you communicate those changes to the client.


Calendar Management

Norak law office management software schedules appointments, sets reminders for meetings, court dates and deadlines, share calendars with colleagues, view and edit your calendar from any mobile device. It also avoids missed appointments and appearances; coordinates schedules with colleagues, opposing counsel and other contacts

Billing & Invoicing

Norak law office management software track time spent on individual client matters, integrate with leading accounting applications such as QuickBooks,create and distribute professional invoices. It also increase revenue by keeping better track of time and invoicing on a timely basis.