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Norak Institute of technology

Norak Institute of Technology announces regular training module offline course designed to help new or established entrepreneurs chart their businesses’ directions and enhance the possibilities of success.No matter the business aspirations, background or level, (small, medium enterprise) Norak Institute will guide you through the treacherous shoals of planning a business and executing those plans. Bring your ideas to the table and Norak Institute will provide you with wide range of product and services, structure, motivation and tools to succeed.Our training structure provides avenues comments and suggestions as trainees complete each module, giving you the confidence to take your business to the next level. It’s like having a free business consultant to help you plan your business strategy. The core of Norak Institute is the development of a top notch business plan that you can use internally to monitor progress.

How we run things

Norak Evolution integrates with a vast array of additional modules, making it easily customisable to fit your business needs.

  • Business management for small, medium enterprise and large enterprises

  • Configurable and customisable to suit your business needs

  • Business management software with additional modules spanning all operations

  • A cost-effective solution built on the latest and top notch technology

  • Delivers a diagnostic picture of your business

  • Microsoft’s SQL server database ensuring data integrity and a consistent user-interface

Norak Institute Synopsis

  • Regular training- Each designed to bring out greater productivity

  • Top-notch Software- Effective and easy to use software designed to simplify the process of developing a comprehensive business plan. Automatically constructs charts, graphs, table of contents and financial projections.

  • Roll call- Read narratives from successful entrepreneurs who have deployed our product in the effective and efficient running of the system irrespective of industry or sector of operation.

  • Detailed And Easy To Follow Instructions – Completing a business plan can be daunting, so we have broken it out into many small and easy to complete steps to take you by the hand through the process.